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12/10/2005 13:45:45   Cassie   Hi All - Help Antifreeze was leaking from the heater box - I removed the box & removed a mechanical bit with two copper pipes leading from it there's also a spring on it - any ideas ?? My car is 1976L - can I get this part reconditioned ?. I've over run the tubes & the car runs fine but no heater. Going to be a chilly winter.
12/10/2005 14:25:47   bill   Where was the leak? If the heather matrix itself was leaking then a local radiator reconditioner should be able to recore it - look in your yellow pages. If it was the valve mechanism then try Highgate for a secondhand one or do a universal one that should fit. It is part COWV - you would need to be a bit creative and adapt/make some little brackets to mount it. The little spring is part of a mechanism that maintains a constant temp in the car rather than allow it to get hotter and hotter.  
12/10/2005 16:43:43   Steve B   I got one reconditioned by Graham Macdonald in Herefordshire. It cost about 30.
I'm not sure where Graham is now - hasn't he just moved premises ?  
12/10/2005 20:38:11   John Wood ( Woody)   Graham can be contacted at:  
19/10/2005 22:00:00   Jez   I also got mine recondition by Graham and I'd recommend him. Ihad tried to do the work myself but it's a tricky job without the right seals. If you want a temp replacement part - I used 15mm plumming parts - Yorkshire fitting give a nice bump to clamp onto and I used a 15mm gate valve so I could put the heater on or off - much better than it leaking everywhere - but not a long term subsitute for the real thing. Good luck !  

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