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18/10/2005 17:07:26   mark   Hi,I am running a saab96 with a 32/36 webber,petronix ignition and a blue coil,standard exhaust.What top end should i be getting?At the moment it pulls strongly to 70mph and then struggles.surely it should do more?  
18/10/2005 17:45:11   s v   mmmmmm mine keeps pulling right to the red lines, haven't dare'd go beyond them. Even seems happier over the 70 figure.  
18/10/2005 19:13:35   ian   got 105 out of bens on motorway..probably 95 genuine...feels about right...standard car with twin choke nikki carb...  
18/10/2005 19:50:52   Alec   Should touch 100 with that carb.  
19/10/2005 14:46:02   Rens   top speed of mine is about 3 mph.... when pushing it :)  
19/10/2005 18:42:11   mark   My standard exhaust is pretty bent(f***king speed bumps)could this be restricting the car?the rev/power range is very narrow.  
20/10/2005 01:16:19   Max   Hi Fellows.
The only time I checked out the topspeed of my green 96, one bolt that holds the alternator flew off and the belt had no tension any more and as a consequence no waterpump drive...
I had to stop the experiment at 105 mph.

I think the maximum speed of a smoothly tuned V4 should be in that range I do not expect anything more of it.
By the way: It gets damn loud in there at these speeds!!  
20/10/2005 10:58:58   71sonett   I'm running a Weber 40Dfi,K&n open airfilter, Simons exhaust & electric fuel pump. Top speed is just past the red zone, that's about 165 km/h (103 mph). Before the mods it stopped at 145 km/h (90 mph).

Good advice:
- replace the exhaust (the Simons/Jetex is a good one)
- start porting those heads
20/10/2005 11:42:53   jonny   Mines will do over the ton easily, verified by a car behind me, as above gets noisy and mines also a bit shakey.

20/10/2005 23:28:33   s v   Dear mark,

22/10/2005 15:48:15   Alistair   Yes, should do more, but perhaps not in third ;-)

6000rpm is equivalent to 103/104mph in top gear, that's about as far as most close-to-standard V4s will go.

The standard exhaust is restrictive to start with, so if yours is even more so you'd better sort it out!  

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