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29/10/2005 13:46:12   David Willet   Hello All
re 900i 1987
I have a problem with the ignition which manifested itself initially when i
turned the key to start the car and swivelled round instead of biting.
I thought it might be just down to replacing the barrel but apparently
it's not that simple.
Has anyone else experienced this problem and if there's any advice going
I'd be very grateful.
Many Thanks
David Willet (Liskeard, Cornwall  
29/10/2005 17:25:16   s v   Hello David,
Maybee because you need an older ---o-0-o--- on the end of the key!  
30/10/2005 22:20:36   david   David - you would be better posting your question on one of the other Saab forums such as, or - find the technical/workshop threads and take it from there. Mind you, there are plenty of V4 owners who have classic 900s as well, so you still might get a reply here!  

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