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31/10/2005 14:26:49   Louis   Hi there, some time I haven't posted! I have just aquired a "new" 96 v4 (a 1976 rubber bumper model)... I need to adjust the carb, I once read a great trick for adjusting using wd40 and spraying it into the intake and adjusting according to the reaction of the rpm... Is this daft or is it a reconised method? Can any of you tell me more?
Thanx for the advice ;-)  
31/10/2005 16:16:21   Senor Burt   I just twiddle the idle mixture screw until it idles at its smoothest or use a Colourtune. Both methods are accurate enough I think. You've only got idle speed to adjust in addition to this as all the jettings will be correct if it's standard. If it's not standard, get a Weber.  
31/10/2005 16:39:15   Richard S   USE A COLOUR TUNE OR DO IT BY EAR.  
01/11/2005 10:02:13   Louis   Hmmm colour tune? what's that?  
01/11/2005 11:19:59   Alec   best method is to turn the screw slowly one way until the engine note starts to chug or hunt, note this position then do the same in the other direction and note this position and then set the screw half way between to two.  
01/11/2005 12:03:31   Louis   Alec, thanx for that tip, I will give it a go... I had my Swiss "MOT" yesterday and they always check the CO level and the chap told me that I was running lean :-( that is why I want to adjust the carb... It also is running a bit rough... I think I should send an update of photos as the gallery ones are rather old ;-)  
01/11/2005 16:18:19   s v   Dear Louis,
colortune is a special spark plug which allows one to see the colour of the combustion within the engine and adjust accordingly.  
02/11/2005 10:33:14   Louis   Wow! that sounds fun, to see what is going on in the combustion chambers is pretty stylish!!!  

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