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01/11/2005 23:42:44   tom   Hi, i am interested in changing my plastic front grill on a 1976 96 to an earlier 70's chrome one, is this possible by just changing the plastic bits for chrome, or do i have to change the whole thing? hope someone can help!

many thanks tom  
02/11/2005 09:40:48   john   You need to change the front panel as well Tom, if you can find one that is the right colour it is a fairly easy job.

03/11/2005 09:50:46   Alec   You can fit the one from 1970 - 1976 without changing the front panel. The ones pre-1970 are slightly different.  
03/11/2005 14:44:28   Steve H   Are you sure Alec. That's not my experience  
03/11/2005 18:29:49   s v   I have found the mounting screws for the chrome/plastic inserts to be in different places. Also the bottom 'lugs' are very slightly different but compatable.  
10/11/2005 20:48:49   shed   I have an early front panel for sale !!!  

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