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25/03/2003 18:31:20   Alec   Highgate SAAB have there new website on line tonight. It is still partly under construction but I know many of you have been waiting for it.

The new address is

I will update the link on my site tomorrow.
27/03/2003 21:23:36   louis   Hi Alec
Am I right in thinking that Highgate will soon be offering a body kit for the 96? It seems not to be on the site yet...  
28/03/2003 17:42:37   Alec   Thats correct Louis. I believe it is nearly ready as they are hoping to launch it at the open day in a couple of weeks time.

28/03/2003 20:37:58   louis   Do you have any idea in what it shall consist of, or is it still a secret?  

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