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08/11/2005 14:22:56   Rens   aargh :) can't speek jibberish...  
09/11/2005 20:36:39   s v   Yeah I like that! Not so impressed with the dangling brake caliper thou. Will the car be for sale Mel?  
10/11/2005 15:22:41   Louis   Just awesome (or whatever the americans say!)  
10/11/2005 18:59:38   jake   I have often thought that a small 1.5ish 16v 4pot would look good and may handle well not shure about the turbo . i recall jeremy clarkson testing the then new vaxhall tigra and comenting that on the face of ti one would think that the 1.6 egined car would be the best but he found this not to be he felt the 1.4 engined car made a far better blend of power to waight and handeling so a 16v turbo may look good on paper but at the end of the day be unuseable to it fool potential owing to all the other limiting factors in the realy quite elderly design of the 96 what use is 175bhp if the wheels just spin and the nisan micra next to you at the lights pulls away leaving you behind looking sad all the best thuogh jake  
10/11/2005 20:43:35   digger   it's a good laugh  
11/11/2005 08:24:36   Mel   I think the thought & the engineering that have gone into this car are superb (it maybe front heavy, it may be a dated design, but it is still superb!) There is nobody in the UK running such a heavily modified V4 nor will there be! because it seems it's all talk & no building here!!!
Why are modified cars looked down on when the work and thought gone into building them is far more than rebuilding a car to original? Younger people want modified cars and we need young people for the SAAB future!  
11/11/2005 09:13:09   john   jake stop being a grumpy old b$***d, given the choice I would have a 3 litre VR6 motor with NOS in my 96, you can worry about traction, torque steer and no brakes later.

11/11/2005 09:38:25   James Ayres   Well said. I just off out to squeeze a Rover v8 into my 96! As the brakes will be useless I plan on fitting a ships anchor and a Parachute. Any advice on types of anchor and parachute would be welcome...  
11/11/2005 09:53:30   Rens   Hello James, for the parachute i would look at what they use at the dragracing... ain't that a good tip!

I'm still working on my Zetec (ford sierra) 96... still looking for a blok to work on before the real thing... it SHOULD fit the saab box, but some sierra's have their starterengine on the back and then it wont fit...  
11/11/2005 11:33:15   Alex   Adding up all the cost specified the machine cost about 4400 Euros, a bit over 3000, labour not included. I'd go for that for a not so daily looking daily driver with that potential (at least in a straight line). Question is, could it be made street legal without loads of paperwork?  
11/11/2005 15:09:26   Alistair   James - there's a parachute on ebay right now if you want. Says only used once, still in wrapper, never opened... :o)  
13/11/2005 22:35:56   Erik   That is a great car !! Mel is right, much talking about but nothing gets done. 1.4 VTEC, wouldn't that be nice ?  
14/11/2005 14:29:37   Steve H   want one!

seems like they have solved the lack of length in the engine bay problem.

Some one going to have ago over here?  
15/11/2005 07:22:36   mel   We are putting one in the back ( mid engine )should be ready for next summer!
Any one else doing anything radical to a V4!, There was a guy fitting an alfa flat four a couple of years ago, he had done all the hard work (and made a bloody good job of it) modifying the engine bay. But we have not heard from him since any ideas anyone!  
15/11/2005 09:46:28   Louis   On the mods front I have a project on the go for next year is making a fuel injected V4 engine (I know it has been done before...) and why not bolt a turbo on... or even 2 turbos!!! (little ones ;-)...)  
16/11/2005 11:16:59   Alex   Concerning using two small turbos, I was thinking of the types used on a Smart. The Smart engines have about half the cc's of a V4. If you'd find a way to get the alernator out of the way the air could be directed through an intercooler from both turbos.  
16/11/2005 21:57:22   Erik   A bit off topic maybe but have you visited Mel's website recently ? Looks great, it's a big improvement.
17/11/2005 07:39:40   Richard   I had tracked down the blower unit and fitments off one of Per Eklunds rallycross car, but the bloke had thrown it on the scrap yard one month earlier, carnt believe it!!!
One car was brought over in period by a guy called Barry Palmer who use to mechanic for the team over in Sweden. Barry sold the car on and it was used for rallying, but it use to burn its pistons, so the new owner removed the supercharger. The car changed hands again with the unit, but I was too late!  
17/11/2005 07:42:22   Louis   Clive: Yes I have seen that site before... I am at the moment collecting 3 V4 engines for the project as I plan to build 2 engines for testing and have one for extra spares for the modified parts. The big bit will be first designing the manifold and then getting the fuel/ignition management correct...

Alex: Yes that is a good idea, I must have a look at them to see the configuration... I also wondered it would be better to use single port or twin port manifolds from other fords? Not sure yet, the idea being to get the best flow into the turbo...  
17/11/2005 08:51:45   Rens   volvo has a 1700 turbo... i've been looking at that config  
17/11/2005 18:41:24   Alistair   I was talking to a chap from Leeds last week who is putting a C900 engine in a 95. He's already got a 96 dragster with a yank V8 up front. He's also got an idea about taking moulds from his mate's sonett III and making a new shell to sit on a space frame chassis with a T16 lump behind the seats. Talented & ambitious chap!  
22/11/2005 13:14:21   mel   Some more info on that crucial 96

I mailed you as a reply on your first mail but it seems as it has disappeared in "cyberspace" so im sending a new!

Recently i changed computer so i dont have so much pictures avaliable at the moment but i can send more later.

The car is a -73 with a -68 front, b202 turboengine from -88, 4 speed kokillcast strengthened gearbox, 900 -88 brakes.

The engine has 9-5 intercooler with aluminium corners, red 9000 injektors, fuel chip, modified APC, mitsu 18t#7 turbo with ported wastegate , 2,5" exhaust, header manifold, 2,3 cylinderhead and 2,1 inlet manifold.

It has about 250 hp at the moment but i will mount a megasquirt engine management this winter so im hoping for 300hp next season which is the limit for the intercooler(and the gearbox!).

The first picture is from a trackday with the saab turbo club this summer, an the second and third is from a strip event this autumn.

The black 900 at the left is the worlds fastest saab with about 230km/h and 10.70 sek! even though it was built for track and is fwd!

The yellow in the middle is probably the fastest street legal with about 225km/h and 11.2sek(750hp!).

And then there is my much slower car with 168km/h and 13.9sek without dragslicks and a not perfect round. i hope for 180km/h and a low 13 or high 12 next year with slicks and more power.

If you have more Questions just mail!

Greetings from Dennis




22/11/2005 14:21:27   Alec   thanks to Mel for the extra info, I will post the pictures of the car on the site soon.  
01/12/2005 15:36:25   Alec   pictures as promised...

01/12/2005 16:55:56   Richard   I think Eklund's Pike Peaks car might have something to say about that! Thats over 750 bhp 4wd and does 0-60 on gravel in about 3 sec.  
02/12/2005 00:43:28   Alistair   How good does that car look? Fantastic!!!  
02/12/2005 08:02:09   Richard   Correction, Eklunds car has over 800bhp 0-60 2.2sec!!!!!!
Anyway the V4 does look good, so are you going to use it Mel, fancy some sprints, two v4's are better than non!  
02/12/2005 22:12:56   Rens   wel... i dont really like saabs... wel the new ones then its just all ford... its a ford mondeo (if you cal it that in the UK)...

But i really do like the 96!!!!  
03/12/2005 11:09:19   Senor Burt   No they are Vauxhall (Opel) Vectras. V*lv*s and Jaguars are Ford Mondeos.

I heard that SAAB engineers had quite a lot of input into the design of the GM floorpan used by the newer VauxSAABs, so they're not quite so Vauxhall as the older ones.  
03/12/2005 12:24:17   Mel   Check out the new Dennis Mollberg page.  

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