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11/11/2005 10:24:12   john   I realise there have been threads on this before but cannot find them, I am trying to find out if an L reg 96 is tax exempt, where can the date of manufacutre accurately be found out.

Thanks John  
11/11/2005 12:49:29   s v   Others here can help more than I but what is the date of your registration? One of my cars was Jan and therefore was accepted (without further paperwork) that it was built in 1972 - and thus tax exempt.  
11/11/2005 18:22:35   Senor Burt   The year of manufacture is part of the VIN. It will have 72 or 73 in there somewhere.  
11/11/2005 20:50:30   Alistair   Depends on date of manufacture - I have details of the last manufactured in 72 (but these have a 73 chassis no)...the 96 72 or 73 bit refers to the model year, not year of manufacture.

Let me know your chassis no. & I'll confirm either way...  
12/11/2005 10:39:42   chrisP   Hi John
As Alistair say it's the date of manufacture that's needed.
My 96 was built in Dec 72 and has a 73 in the chassis no.  
12/11/2005 18:35:54   john wyatt   That is great Alistair I will post the chassis number tonight.

Regards John  
12/11/2005 20:50:38   john wyatt   Hi chassis no. is 96730214392, Many Thanks John.  
17/11/2005 18:32:04   Alistair   Last chassis numbers built in 72 were:

96 73 2 011623
96 73 6 003283

There are two as they were built in two separate plants (signified by the "2" and the "3" after "73")

You state yours as 0214392, sure it's not 2014392?

Either way, it's definitely a 73-built car I'm afraid.
Sorry it's not better news...
17/11/2005 18:32:44   Alistair   Sorry, that should obviously say the "2" and the "6" after "73"... I'm getting old you know!  
17/11/2005 18:56:29   john wyatt   Never mind, the car is a peach, thanks very much for checking it out. Regards John  

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