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14/11/2005 12:46:59   steve Pool   I'm just patching up some rust spots and trying to find someone to mix me some touch up paint - I've got a 1971 yellow 94 the colour code is Y9H which the guy at the paint place says does not give him any help - any ideas or modern code conversion? it looks a bit Like a giraffe driving around with dots of red oxide primer everywhere.  
15/11/2005 10:01:34   Louis   My local supermaket stock saab colours and have the correct ref codes so I don't see why your paint shop can't find the ref?  
15/11/2005 10:17:33   James Ayres   If he trys dropping the Y first, ie try 9H - and then dropping the H ie try Y9 - he might have some joy. This happened to me. The guy in the paint shop had no record of the colour but found it when he played around with the code. I hope this helps.  
15/11/2005 17:02:58   john wyatt   Try a different paint shop the old SAAB colours are generally pretty easy to find and get made up, I need to go for some Y9H for my dad this week can find out if the shop has any other code for it.  
15/11/2005 20:21:04   s v   Dear Steve,
stick with it. garaffe look sounds good :)  
15/11/2005 23:19:54   Senor Burt   The Y stands for yellow. So the colour should be listed as Yellow 9H.  
21/11/2005 21:32:33   jake   I thought the last part of the number refered to the interior trim colour by i could be wrong  
22/11/2005 20:34:49   Derek   Ault & Wiborg Y9 Brilliant yellow 30293 or 35606(light shade) --- DuPont Y9H BrilliantGul 42596 both from 1989 catalogues.  

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