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14/11/2005 16:48:29   Simon   Is the exhaust the same on the 95 as it is on the 96?  
15/11/2005 09:58:24   Louis   No I think it is a bit longer... but I am not a 95 owner! So those how have one will confirm... See ya ;-)  
15/11/2005 10:05:31   James Ayres   It is not the same. Both are still easily available, unless price is an issue go for a ss version. Many users on this forum would recommend a ss sports exhaust. If this is what you like - also easily available. Have fun.  
15/11/2005 11:19:16   Andrew   Saab owner's club do a stainless system (for members?) for around 300+ I think - for both 95 and 96  
15/11/2005 13:07:26   Simon   Thanks for the info. The back end of mine was completely rotten and I've got a complete 96 system from the car I'm breaking and just hoped it would fit.
I only need the centre section then - any idea of price and where to get it from? (price IS an issue, so a ss system is out).
Thanks again!  
15/11/2005 14:07:23   Senor Burt   As far as I know, the centre section is a bit longer. You could alway splice a bit of pipe in as it's more or less straight under the car.
The standard exhaust is rubbish though, the front section especially is very restricted. You could always get a Jetex/Simons front section and build your own exhaust system.  

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