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16/11/2005 09:35:08   john   The clutch on my dad's recently acquired 96 is failing from time to time basically when you depress the pedal there is nothing there, also when you hold it down in gear sometimes the car will begin to creep forward, have tried bleeding it to no avail, the rest of the time it works perfectly!, I am thinking it is the master cylinder any other thoughts?.

16/11/2005 12:54:25   Richard   Master or slave cylinders could be the cause. The flexi hasnt gone soft has it?  
16/11/2005 13:03:47   john   The flexi seems alright, I had been thinking it could be either but was hoping someone could rule one or the other, thanks John  
16/11/2005 14:23:01   paul   Have a look in the resevoir, I have found when a master cylinder is dodgey the fluid in the resevoir looks more like paint than brake fluid!
16/11/2005 14:57:59   john   The fluid looks like new but the previous keeper had bled the system so it probably does not say much about the condition of the master, thanks  
17/11/2005 11:27:48   Steve B   This sounds like the master cyliner seals are worn.
Somethimes this means that when you press the pedal fast the worn seals swell out and the cluth works fine, but when you press it slowly it doesn't.
If you try pressing the pedal really slowly - does it go to the floor without disengaging the clutch ?
If the fluid level never goes down then this could indicate the same problem as the fluid is just leaking round the seals and back again rather that leaking out completely.  
19/11/2005 14:39:53   chrisP   Hi All
Am I right in thinking the clutch mastercylinder on a late 96 is the same as the one fitted to a Morris 1000  

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