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18/11/2005 10:18:37   Rens   Well, like the subject says.. i'm thinking of selling my 1500 2bbl engine, solex 2bbl carb... it has a new petronix ignition and a new petronix coil.
In good working order without the gearbox.

also probably selling a radiator, what's that worth? not that good a shape.

and selling the heater unit, that weirdshaped thing wich is way to big for the car!

what kind of prices are normal? the engines are quite rare here... aren't any for sale at the moment and haven't been for about 3 months now  
18/11/2005 11:32:15   john   Rens there is no 'market value' for such an item  
18/11/2005 11:35:50   john   As I was saying above ther is no market value for an engine like this in the UK, someone may want it dependent on condition of bearings etc. and a compression check but in reality you would probably be best selling the ignition and manifold/carb. seperately, the logistics of transporting what is effectively a standard V4 engine would probably put anyone from the UK off especially as V4 engines are not particularly hard to come by, in any case best of luck trying to sell it.  
18/11/2005 15:58:37   Alistair   Bung them on eBay to find out what they are worth to someone. You might not raise much, but on the other hand you could be pleasantly surprised...  
20/11/2005 15:40:31   Alex   Forget Ebay, in Holland it's a non event, better put it on I have seen several 1700 V4's with an asking price of around 200 Euros and they never stayed long. With a 2bbl inlet manifold and Pertronix I think 250 Euros is a good minimum to aim for. Without these goodies it's not worth more than the scrap iron value.


21/11/2005 09:09:04   Rens   thx alex... ofcourse marktplaats... but didn't know anything about pricing..  

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