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18/11/2005 11:53:32   Becky   my saab 95 estate has a dodgy chock it flood the engine and i cant go any where for at least ten minues. any ideas on weather to get it replaced with a manel one or to get it fixed or how i can fix it freferable. thanks  
18/11/2005 14:11:58   Senor Burt   It can be adjusted, but in my experience they can be difficult to get working right. Conversion to a manual choke would be a good idea. It's not a very big job.  
18/11/2005 16:01:57   Alistair   You can buy kits to convert from auto to manual choke at most good motor factors & parts suppliers. Needs a bit of fiddling with the water pipes & hoses, but the dismantling of the choke and fitting a cable through the bulkhead to the steering column is really easy.  

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