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19/11/2005 19:59:31   glenn humphrey   YES Calipers. I am a virgin to the world of Saab v4s.
I have just purchased my first Saab v4 96 1973. I pressed the wrong key on autotrader and before i could say jack flash i was heading south. On my return Harvey ( SEE IM IN LOVE ALREADY ) needed a hopital visit to replace his shoes, pads etc. Sorry i digress, I'm in need of front calipers, drivers side. Can any one help a virgin with binding brakes.???

20/11/2005 17:04:13   glenn humphrey   Hi Steffan

That sounds like good advice, and thank you for the contacts. I'll keep you informed of my progress.

30/11/2005 04:28:17   Steffan   Glenn,

Skandix no longer offers new calipers(NLA)or rebuilds (due to shipping cost for cores) to the US. They do however have a complete rebuild kit (one side) that includes all seals and a new piston for about $35.00 US. Bilstein shocks for the Saab 96 will be available in January.


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