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21/11/2005 17:12:05   tom   can anyone tell me if the rear lights from any saab 96 will fit any year? did they ever change? Am hoping to fit earlier lights to my 1976 96.

many thanks  
21/11/2005 21:20:41   Alex   I think the bigger lights that were used in the last few years (starting 1977/'78 if I'm not mistaking) don't fit on earlier years. The shape of the "glass" is different, at least at the bootlid side. Saying this I am presuming that the wings have the silhouette of the lights stamped in the same way as the earlier versions have.  
21/11/2005 21:26:08   jake   the rear lights on the 96 is a very simple afair and is held in place by just a couple of little bolts the hole asembly is just a small bracket with a reflector atached onto which the lens is held by two set screws the seal is mantained by a rubber gasket held firmly against the wing panel it is just about the most basic setup you could have and i don't see any problems in fitting them from whatyear did you have in mind? all the best jake  
21/11/2005 23:26:03   Alistair   Should be fine on a 76, no change from 66-76 IIRC.  
22/11/2005 10:23:34   tom   atcually the ones i am looking at are for a 60-64 model, i take this is too early? is a shame as they look really nice!

many thanks  
22/11/2005 14:51:07   Alistair   Those early two stroke ones will be a little different, though I think they should physically fit. Might be only red lenses, so not sure about the legality for indicators?

Someone else is bound to know for sure...  
22/11/2005 17:16:55   mark   The t/s ones besides been not legal. need a 2 bulb holder the brake light is the same as the indicator The larger unit do fit I have them on my 1972 96  
22/11/2005 19:35:10   ian   tried my best to get the early ones to fit my 66 longnose but they are very different...i think it could be done but its a big job and they dont look right as the rear wings are a different cut out  

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