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22/11/2005 15:52:11   Derek   When re-coring the 95/96 rad from 3 to 4 rows, is there a standard core that can be used for best results? I think I have read that the 99 turbo core is 4 row and can be trimmed to size for the 96 tanks. I'd like to have a bit of info before I talk to my rad shop (UK) to remake my spare one. I'll probably have a boss for a fan switch soldered in a few inches above the outlet, just in case. Comments please.  
23/11/2005 21:31:33   Jon   I thought the std rad had a 2 row core. In any case my local rad company re-cored with an extra row - it works fine especially with an electric fan.  
23/11/2005 22:39:12   Derek   Whoops, I thought it had three! Thanks for the correction. Certainly the rad looks as if they've put the wrong core in it as there's a lot of spare space for a thicker core!  
24/11/2005 16:47:25   Richard   I think the earlier rads had slightly deeper side tanks than the fine fin later rads, these are the best ones to use for extra cores. If you have only had the original two row core put in you would have some room left over on the side tanks as the std item had.  
25/11/2005 14:16:31   Derek   Thanks Richard. I assume you're saying there are 2 types of crossflow rad. I know the early ones had tanks top and bottom. Just had a look at mine and it's definately 2-row. Took the ruler to it and it looks as if there's room for another row so will have to see what they say at the rad shop.  
28/11/2005 07:52:52   Richard   There was one that had fine fins, probably on the rubber bumper cars. The others are the same until you get to the round head lamp cars.  
30/11/2005 16:48:14   Richard   Just remember you need the engine temp up at a certain level or you will cause wear if the oil is cold. We had to strap a nice plastic bag over the rally car on the last event as the three core rad even with no fan running would not let the engine get up to temp.  
01/12/2005 13:34:40   Derek   That sounds more like a thermostat problem. Either u/s or partly crushed due to being fitted with the top wrongly oriented. Maybe even missing........  
01/12/2005 16:51:16   Richard   No we run with the thermostat drilled and modded as the sport and rally manual. Every rally/competition car has to run blanking plates on the rad when its freezing. Note the works team used std size rads in the Swedish rally and blanking covers.
We could get it up to normal stood still, but it would loose temp on the road, so we covered half the grill at the front. That gave us the normal operating temp on the road and stages.  
01/12/2005 21:51:47   Derek   This thread could run and run :)I used to have an early Amazon which had a roller rad blind which was pulled up by a chain under the dash. That was very good in the winter. It would probably work well in the 96. S & R mods are obviously tried and tested but there must be a balance to how they're used. A fully modded thermostat etc may work well with a full house, works type engine. If you are lucky enough, Richard, to have one of those in your rally car it has to be the way to go. If it's "not quite" at that state of tune and you don't drive it like you stole it(from Erik)you could probably tone down the mods a bit. I'd better stop rambling....!  
02/12/2005 00:45:11   Alistair   My dad still has some original Saab grille covers to help with this problem, buried somewhere in his garage.  
02/12/2005 07:59:51   Richard   So do I, but total forgot about them! Saved them from getting damaged.  

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