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28/03/2003 20:48:47   louis   Q1: How long do you think a pro paint shop should take to do a complete respray of a 96 V4?

Q2: To what extent will he have to dimantle the engine bay and interior considering my car is sound and got good paint on the inside?  
05/04/2003 20:24:05   jake   hi louis, well considering that i work in a body repair shop i think the lenth of time it will take them depends on the quality of the job you require how much it is costing and more importantly whether you have told them to take there time or not ,if there are no or only light repairs e.g small dents then one day for the panel side -one day to give the body a good rub down and mask it there is'nt a great deal to remove for painting but a few hours should cover it then a few hours booth time to prime the body then half a day to rub that down one day to remask then refinish with 3-4 coats of 2k solid coluor and if the painter is any good it should be off with the masking on with the removed items and you should be proudly diving away in your shinny saab 96 in one working week at the most any longer and it's because they are working on somthine they consider is (a)it's more important or (b) it pays better or(c) they just can't be bothered so if any of these apply then if you want your car done on time you will just have to move in with them so they will be glad to see the back of you and your car so one week is all it takes i look forward to seeing the finished item on the v4 pages all the best jake  
06/04/2003 21:34:25   louis   Thanks for that advice jake, buy the way just fitted the Ignitor works great...  

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