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01/12/2005 16:27:19   James Ayres   Just after a near faultless MOT my 96 started to sound like a diesel. I dropped it to a local garage and he figures it's the crankshaft bearings. He also said that he doesn't do this sort of job. If anyone has any advice at all on how to do this, or get it done, I would be very grateful. A service is he limit of my abilities.  
01/12/2005 16:57:01   Richard   Are you sure its the bearings, they take some killing.  
01/12/2005 20:45:38   James Ayres   Not 1000% certain as it was the garage who said it, however, they are normally very good...  
01/12/2005 21:10:30   John Wood (Woody)   My old 1700 started to sound that way when the balance shaft bearings started to breakup. Have you checked this?
Whilst your at it, it might be worth removing the rocker covers and check the valve clearances and that you have good oil flow from cam to rockers. I have known cam bushings to breakup. If the oil feed to the rockers is restricted it does not take long for the engine to sound very rough.  
01/12/2005 22:08:35   Derek   What RPM is the tickover set at? Did the MOT man lower it? They do seem to go into clatter mode if you set it too low. 900rpm is good. If it's quiet with a bit of choke on, increased revs, that might be the problem.  
02/12/2005 14:11:20   James Ayres   Low tick over is not the problem, it's when it's been driven or revved.

By the way, how do you check the balance shaft bearings?  
02/12/2005 16:18:12   john wyatt   If it is of interest I have a low milage (48000 mile) engine available, still in a car so can be tested/checked running if required, I was hoping to get 100 for it.  
02/12/2005 17:01:37   Senor Burt   It's not a particularly difficult job once you've got the engine out.3 hours of a job including taking the engine out and putting it back in for someone who knows what they're doing amd everything goes reasonably smoothly. Crank bearings are same as Ford 2.8 V6. If the bearings are badly worn and the crank is scored it will need regrinding and oversized bearings used. You'll also need a bottom gasket set.

Changing balance shaft bearings is also fairly straighforward, but also needs engine out and a front cover gasket.

Haynes manual will tell you all you need to know.

Easier to throw in a good used engine though.  
04/12/2005 20:13:16   James Ayres   This is the option I may go for!!! ie throw in a good used engine...  
04/12/2005 21:56:59   srv   Dear Senor,
You shock me everytime with your estimates of timings. If everything is so quick to do (so you say) why is YOUR car still not on the road?

YES James, I have always found this to be a good option.  
04/12/2005 22:57:20   John Wood (Woody)   Hi James, see technical page for checking balance shaft bearings. How many miles has the car done? Your gallery description suggests the car has been idle for some time. Have the heads been off for inspection? If not I would suggest a compression check as I would suspect you might have some valve/seat degradation caused by air moisture whilst the vehicle has been standing. My old competition engine had been standing since 1976, despite spaying the ports periodically with WD40 the vale seats and valve edges corroded.  
05/12/2005 07:57:49   Richard   If you have a small area blowing on the exhaust manifold it can sound like a rattle. In fact lots of things can rattle on a v4 other than the bearings. Timing gears (usually caused by balance shaft bearings going), valve clearances etc.  
05/12/2005 10:06:41   Senor Burt   Maybe the time estimate was a little optimistic, but only as far as changing the bearings. It's possible to get a V4 engine out in 1/2 an hour and get it back in and running in an hour.  
05/12/2005 10:17:04   James Ayres   Thanks for all your help and advice. Watch this space, I'll let you know how I get on.  
05/12/2005 10:32:26   srv   Dear Burt,
I'm definately employing you to do my work from now on then!  
05/12/2005 18:45:11   Alistair   Engine out in 30 mins? Yep, done that before now. Usually only when it's already been out recently so nothing is seized, and you're hacked of that it still didn't work after fitting it just 10 minutes ago...!!!  
11/12/2005 12:20:58   chrisP   Yes engine out in 30 mins. OK. putting it back I all ways seem to take for ever getting the two short rubber pipes back on the back of the block. got to grit teeth and do the job soon as the cross shaft has sized on the clutch unless anyone knows a short cut I'v tried most things eg. penertrating oil heat ect.  
11/12/2005 23:55:05   John Wood (Woody)   The competition dept. got around this by cutting the main water pipe just past the first connection. This enables the gearbox to be removed by only having to remove the remaining short section of pipe. See Castrol Rally Manual-1971.  

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