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02/12/2005 12:33:59   cassie   Hi my car is terrible to start, I noticed this now only in the winter, I pull the choke out for about 5 mins and drive - when I push choke in she stalls. I have a webber carb - I am having flash backs to my old beetle with an automatic choke.
I have electronic ignition it the timing or is this the nature of the beast
02/12/2005 13:52:55   srv   I've been interested to note that my car has been happier in the cold weather - must remind it of home ;)
NO Cassie that's not right.  
02/12/2005 14:05:14   Senor Burt   Does it ever get to the point where it will idle OK without the choke? It may just need the carb mixture or idle speed adjusting. Have you serviced it recently? New dissi cap/points/plugs wouldn't do it any harm.  
02/12/2005 15:23:28   Jon   Let's hope it's not water collecting in the cylinders due to a damaged cylinder head gasket....  
03/12/2005 13:16:30   Alex   What type of air filter are you using? If it's an open K&N type the preheating of the intake air may be not sufficient when the engine is not warm yet.  
03/12/2005 15:31:46   Senor Burt   I never had any trouble like that with a K & N.  
05/12/2005 07:51:27   Richard   If you are using the std air box you need to place the intake near the exhaust, see manual. If its a K&N a section of card or plastic covering the filter element on the front edge of the filter could help (dont cover the element up totally).
Usually you need to increase the idle in winter. Get the engine up to temp and re-set the idle.  
05/12/2005 12:26:06   Richard   By idle I mean increase the tickover, not the mixture screw.  

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