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03/12/2005 13:20:07   jean francois (jeff) bouvard   Hello i m gonna be a 95 V4 owner and i wondered if it was^possible for me (from grenoble in france ) to become a new member of your club?
Thanx for answering to me Bye  
03/12/2005 13:55:40   Rens   didn't know you had to ask?

I myself am from Holland... and one day I started to post questions here...

I believe there are English, Dutch, Germans, Swedish.. so a French is new for me :) :D  
03/12/2005 15:28:26   john wyatt   Hello Jean Francois, as long as you undertake to buy british beef you can join the club, happy saabing, John  
04/12/2005 00:03:24   Alistair   And be kind to our sheep ;-)
Welcome!! Lots of nice V4 roads round your way...  
05/12/2005 15:03:56   jean francois (jeff) bouvard   Ok cool Im glad to be here with you.I m going to visit this place and hope we ll meet one day.
Im goin to see the next sunday .I ve just seen picture but it s totally restored and seems to be as new as if it was just gettin out of the factory.
Im very excited because it will be the second saab of my life and it s an old one .It s born the same year as me (1969) and i allready have a lots of respect fot it.
I llshow you pictures later.
Bye bye Jeff  

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