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03/12/2005 17:03:17   cassie   More on saab she runs ok when warm, but even with choke out cuts out when I lift foot of gas, I am using unleaded petrol could this be the problem - previous owner said she had been converted but I have no proof of this. Suppose to be 1700cc on log book  
04/12/2005 00:05:41   Alistair   Sounds like you need the carb and choke setting up properly. Can you make it idle at all when cold (e.g. with choke in/out/in-between)?  
04/12/2005 11:44:28   chrisP   Hi Cassie
Sorry to hear of trouble with your 96 I have run a 96 for 25 years as my only car only time I had problems as your's I found that the flange on the weeber carb had become bowed and the gasket was broken I facesed up the carb fitted new gasket back to good starter and steady tick over again. If you use the freewheel you must have a good steady tick over. Hope this may be of some help.
04/12/2005 16:06:29   Senor Burt   If you're unsure about the conversion, it souldn't do any harm to run with fuel additive. Your valve seats will wear pretty quick if it hasn't been converted.  

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