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30/03/2003 20:37:07   ian   Any suggestions for pistons to be used in conjunction with a 1700 crank? I seem to recall being told that Ford Pinto pistons could be used with the minimum of modification. Cheers!  
31/03/2003 14:35:13   Steve H   I have done this very conversion myself to great effect. I will look up the details this evening but from memory they were a slightly larger bore, which is good thing as the an old block could probably do with a fresh finish, and they are the low compression spec. The normal ones put you in the realms of super high compression ratios and mechined in copper ring cylinder heads which I have had great problems with previously. The capacity ends up as 1729cc and when coupled with a stage 2 cam (7.2?), twin choke and highgates wide boy exhaust give a very tractable, fast and importantly reliable engine. Mine has been in 3 years now and has 12k under its belt.  
21/04/2003 11:16:52   jake   hi ian i spoke to one of the lads at burton power a year or so ago and he said that as saab pistons were no longer avalible he scrached around an found that volvo pistons from one of the three forty range did the job so they would be well worth a phone call burton engineering are in most hot car mags i got them out off classic ford in whitch there is a lot of stuff that could well be applied to saab 96 there seems to be a lot of similar problems and solutions between early saab and early fords it's a very good read al the best jake  

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