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08/12/2005 06:34:22   Peter Kos   Hi all was going to write this message 45 mins ago but got side tracked looking at the awsome 16 valve 96

I live in Australia and cant get saab 96 front disc pads , does any one know what other car or alternative disc pads to suit the saab 96
regards peter  
08/12/2005 08:41:57   Rens   or you can order them in sweden... doesn't cost that much and good delivery. Also a nice guy (rolf jensen).

the pads don't weigh that much so sending them won't be a problem  
09/12/2005 07:46:29   Richard   Get a spare set as well.  
09/12/2005 13:26:55   david   Practical Classics mag (UK) recently did a series on interchangeability of car parts between makes and models - I'll try to find the one on brake parts for you. May take a couple of hours .... !!
09/12/2005 20:01:59   Alistair   Saab V4 pads only fit Saab v4s.

Ordering from Sweden is as good a bet as any, though I'm surprised you can't get them through any Ferodo or Mintex supplier.  
14/12/2005 07:56:47   Richard   I think Ferodo still have some std sets, but the Itallians scraped the moulds.

Minilite should do you a set and dont EBC do std ones?  

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