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08/12/2005 17:39:22   Andrew   Sven (the Beige Beast) needs new timing gear and a replacement carb. Don't spose anyone has one of the Weber ones lying around unwanted? :-) thought not. Think will have to wait until next year. *&!!****!  
08/12/2005 21:27:17   srv   Hi Andrew,
We have both, 'n about to list on eBay - drop an email before we list.  
09/12/2005 13:28:02   david   There's a set of (used) timing gears on ebay at the moment - not long to go.  
09/12/2005 16:12:11   Andrew   Hoping to get steel timing gears now. Is there anything else related I might as well get done while the front of the car's off? Pending lottery win of course...  
09/12/2005 20:03:18   Alistair   Check the balance shaft bearings, the usual reason why the fibre teeth strip off the balance shaft gear is due to play in the shaft. Nice new gear may not last long if the bearings are shot. That's a full engine out job though I'm afraid...  
10/12/2005 16:33:49   Andrew   Thanks Alistair... this is sounding worse by the minute! This is definitely a next year thing now :-(  
10/12/2005 23:11:22   Senor Burt   You need to take the engine out to replace the timing gears too, unless you bodge it. Taking the engine out is probably easier (it's easy).

Steel timing gears are availabe from the Swedish owners club, in case you didn't know.  
11/12/2005 16:25:03   Andrew   Ta Senor... fancy a job sometime in the New Year? ;-)  

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