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15/12/2005 12:23:10   mark w   can anyone help - just had my saab 95 estate in for some work and since then it is reading the exterior temperature as about 5 degrees better than it should be, also the fuel is reading as if i have more than i acutally have - the computer ?? any suggestions  
15/12/2005 13:08:24   Derek   Sorry "Our" 95 estates can't read.......  
15/12/2005 13:09:52   Senor Burt   I think you are getting confused between the Vauxhall 9-5 estate and the real SAAB 95 estate that hasn't been made for 25 years.

On this model, you read outside temperature by winding down the window with a little handle on the inside of the door and sticking your head or hand out. Position of the fuel gauge depends which way you are turning.

If you think your computer is at fault, try reinstalling Windows and get some good anti virus software.

Seriously though, there are many forums out there that cover current 'SAAB' models like yours (unfortunately this is not one of them). Try for starters.  
15/12/2005 13:45:58   Clive   "Classic" reply from Senor Burt!  
15/12/2005 14:19:35   Andrew   and - lots of folk with these new 'SAABs' on there  
15/12/2005 14:25:21   Jon   I love the "little handle on the inside of the door"!! Did I laugh..........  
16/12/2005 07:43:22   Richard   Usually I tell what temperature it is on the walk to the car! Then I can tell if its getting slippery because a old Saab gives much feed back to the driver, so you can tell if there is a chance of ice. Then again the old Saab will be more controllable in such conditions anyway! I will be nice and warm with a much better heater, so I wont be bothered anyway.

Joking aside, you could try the Saab Owners Club web page.  
16/12/2005 08:24:01   Rens   Well mine isn't a 95... but a 96... can i still make a joke then???

I alway's know how hot/cold it is when i'm in my 96 because i can read the thermostat in the garagewall from inside of the car... and well it ain't moving...  

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