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31/03/2003 18:49:42   Alec   I get a lot of requests on where to get tuning parts for V4's, what alternative parts can be used and where to get parts.
If everyone who has any experience of any of this send details to me I will start a new section on the web aimed at tuning. I think this could become very popular but I need your help as I do not have much experience on this side of things.
Either email me with lists and details or post against this message and I will get it all collated.  
01/04/2003 14:01:14   Steve H   Great. I can give you a list of what ive done to mine.
Im finding increasingly that many modern parts fit the v4 with very minor modification.
What I have also always thought would be a good idea would be to track down rare saab works parts such is twin port heads, swan necks, long neck distributors etc.
I also once heard of a V4 being converted to using a SU carb. Any stories?  
01/04/2003 18:52:41   Alec   Thanks Steve,
email anything you have and I will collect it with anything else I get. Not heard about the SU though.

Does anyone remeber Mike Wolf's V4 Turbo, I am sure I have a magazine article on it somewhere...
02/04/2003 12:38:24   Alistair Philpott   I've heard of (but not experienced personally) two SU carb set ups. First was a home-grown lash up someone put together with a 90 degree adaptor onto standard inlet manifold. Think it ran a 1 1/2" carb. No idea why you would want to do this! Second was a pukka performance manifold for twin 1 1/4" carbs, but no idea who manufactured this.

SAH used to do a cheaper inlet manifold for twin 45 Webers which didn't require the longer dissie shaft. Probably still a few around in dusty garages!

Alec - I remember Mike Woolf's red turbo very well, it was an excellent home-developed car and used to really fly. Not heard about it for some while & no longer on SOC register. Would love to track it down if anyone know's its (or Mike's) whereabouts. Would be very keen to work with you on finding sources for goodies, from an SOC perspective.


02/04/2003 18:23:43   Alec   Cheers Alistair,
I have already had a few emails on this that I will start to get on the website soon.
04/04/2003 20:35:51   louis   Hi Alec,
How about this:
- 1700 crank (often done)
- Rebore to just under 2 litre
- Hot cam (not much info on that more hard to source)
- Twin choke Webers, or DCOEs if you can get the right manifold
- Head porting & polishing to fit the 2 inch sports exhaust, be careful not to reduce back pressure too much...
- Roller rockers + stiffer rocker shafts (alloy blocks/pipes instead of springs = higher rpm)
- Important change fibre cam drive to alloy one
- Electric fuel pump with pressure regulator
- Electric fan to remove load on the engine
- Electronic either Aldon or Lumination
- Special spark plugs
- Not all V4s have a rev counter, can be useful
- AVO adjustable gas shoks (from Demon Tweeks)
- Remove stablizer bar or harden rear suspension to prevent the front wheels from leaving the road under accelleration in corners (bad for the 'box)
- Don't lower unless for track use, ground clearence is good on rough roads...
If you want details I might be able to help, but I'm sure you have had loads of e-mails about all this already...

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