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15/12/2005 17:58:25   tom   hi, i have got an old saab speedo to fit my 1976 saab 96, i am making a custom dashboard, as i really don't like the stock one! anyways i am wondering is there anyway of fitting this much older speedo? i think its a very early v4 or possibly a 2 stroke, i can fit the gauge ok but the cable has a different fitting! will i have to change the cable? is there one that will fit? and is there somewhere to get it from? is this too much hassle! i really like the look of the earlier speedo and have custom gauges for the rest of the imstruments which i want to fit! hope someone can help!

many thanks  
15/12/2005 19:57:08   John Wood (Woody)   Sounds as though you have a pre-1970 speedo with the threaded coupling rather than the push and turn. I would have thought if you cannot find a proper cable you could have the instrument end changed at an instrument/repair specialist like Speedograph-Richfield Ltd, 104 Rolleston drive, Arnold,Notts. Telephone 0115-9264235 Fax 9209912.
I hope these Nos are correct as my directory is quite old.  
15/12/2005 21:31:39   tom   Thats a good idea, i found speedo graphs website, they sell a speedo cable for the 96 from 1959-1961, 1961-1964 and 1964- will all these cables fit my saab as it will prob be easier if it fits straight on at the other end! can a early speedo cable fit a later saab? where does it fit? i assume the gearbox somewhere, is it hard to do? i guess i need to find out the age of the speedo to be sure which cable to get if it will fit!  

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