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15/12/2005 23:17:50   Mike W   Has anyone got a set of instructions / diagrams on settting up the conversion for a 1972 V4? I've found one in a box of spares, but without the cable.  
16/12/2005 07:37:38   Richard   As a guess you will have to remove the auto choke of the carb. Then there will be a fitting that replaces the auto choke. Then there should be a bracket for the cable to clamp to. You then run a cable through the bulkhead and fit the pull knob in the column (there will be a gromit covering a hole for such a item already there on a 72 car).  
19/12/2005 10:11:27   Alistair   Manual choke cables available from any decent motor factors or other spares shop. When you remove the auto choke gubbins, there's a lever that's attached to the flap at the top of the carb which remains, use the fittings in your kit to attach the cable to this and away you go.  

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