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16/12/2005 14:28:37   Jay Zebu   I have a 1968 Saab 95 wagon with a V4 engine. Can anyone tell me what the cc size is for this engine? Someone told me it is a Ford engine. It has blue valve covers.

Jay Zebu  
16/12/2005 15:37:52   Senor Burt   It will either be a 1500 or 1700cc. 1500 definitely if it's a European model. Some later(?) US V4's had 1700. Both have very similar power as the 1700 was lower compression to meet US emissions standards. It is a Ford engine. Known as the Cologne V4 as opposed to the crappy British Essex V4 2L.  
16/12/2005 16:44:00   john   Didnt' some of the last european 96's also have the 1700 engine?  
16/12/2005 16:51:22   Jay   Thanks Senor Burt! I think it must be a 1500.

Jay Zebu  
19/12/2005 07:37:22   Richard   The 1980 metalic blue/green cars were 1500cc.  
19/12/2005 10:23:45   Alistair   Can't remember for sure, but I think the 1700 came in for the US from 1970-74. Sonett V4 to 69 had a 1500, so I doubt they put the 1700 in the 95/96 till after then. Of course, Sonett III only had 1700, from 69/70 to 74.  
04/01/2006 16:05:07   gerald   Hallo Alistair !

The Sonett III got the 1700 engine in 1971 . The 303 cars built in 1970 still had the 1500ccm engine .

regards Gerald  

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