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19/12/2005 11:03:15   Alistair   My battery won't hold its charge so I need a new one. In the past I've had trouble finding one listed correctly in manufacturer's parts lists - often they have had the posts the wrong way round, or are the wrong size...anyone got any recommendations before I start ringing round?  
19/12/2005 12:23:58   Richard   BMW battery I have is good and Varta batteries are good too.  
19/12/2005 12:48:09   Senor Burt   I've always used ones that are the wrong size. As long as they fit in the battery tray and the terminals are the right way round, you should be fine. Just go to the local motor factors or auto electrical place.
I think the listed battery is ridiculously oversized as it's designed to operate in Sweden's winter climate which is obviously a lot colder than over here.  
19/12/2005 12:58:12   Alistair   Found a Varta stockist in Malton, just up the road, 55.02 inc VAT and he has them in stock (apparently they also fit the forklift trucks for a local company...!)

Part No listed on Varta website is 560 099 028, with a short Product code of D19. Apparently this D19 is now listed as a D46 ???

I'm off later today to pick it up and see if it fits.  
19/12/2005 18:38:07   Alistair   Hmm, not a perfect fit by any means. It's a little too big, could barely get it into the battery tray, and the earth strap is a long stretch across the top. However, it's in, it works, and I can't be arsed to take it back!

I think if anyone else needs one, this isn't the best one to get, ideally try for a slightly smaller one.  
19/12/2005 22:23:23   Rens   i've stole my dad's citroen C5 battery... cause it was free, lying around and brand new :) works like a charm... is kinda small.. and no problems with the poles (i think you call em posts, but it's the plus and the minus)...  
20/12/2005 12:35:37   Richard   I use Varta in the imp based stuff, the one I have is pretty small. I say they are good because I can leave the G15 for 9 months without charge and it will start first time. Good thing as I need to dimantle half the car to even get to the terminals!  
20/12/2005 14:46:56   Alistair   I'm sure they're good batteries, just the one they list for the V4 is a little too large, I would have been better spending some time at the supplier finding another with a similar spec but smaller overall.  
20/12/2005 15:33:35   john   That sounds like a similar fit to my Varta battery which was taken from an Audi, Again on the plus side it holds a charge for months, very handy when your modern company car spends more time in the garage than on the road, I wish my bosses would come up with some plan so I could use a 96 for work all the time.  
22/12/2005 11:12:41   Derek   I'm using a Halfords HCB063 "Calcium", holds charge very well. W=8" D=7" H=7" It just rides up on the lip of the tray but that does stop it trapping water underneath. Black and has a handle to stop you dropping it on the wing.....  

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