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31/03/2003 21:55:06   Mikko   Gearboxes of right hand drive Saabs have a side support (part No 7104698, 7332398 and 7176423). I'd like to know the measurements of it and where it is attached in wheel housing?
It is mentioned in FIA recognition form of both two-stroke and V4 and my intention is to make one for a two-stroke rally car.  
31/03/2003 23:17:47   ian   Hi Mikko,
Are you building a bullnose or longnose rally car?

01/04/2003 22:17:49   Mikko   It's a '64 bullnose 96, not Sport. So far, all Saabs in Finnish historic series have been longnoses: about ten with two-stroke and four with V4 engine. So, my tuning takes place in Finland and may still take years.  
03/04/2003 17:55:32   ian   Have you got a RHD car? I was under the impression that the additional gearbox support was to compensate for the pressure and strain exerted by changing the gears on RHD cars from what is perceived to be the 'wrong' side, I'm not sure what benefit you'd get from fitting the support to a LHD car. As far as I can work out from my parts book the 2-strokes models used the same as those on the V4. If you would like a set of used V4 components I will sort some out for you, but don't hold your breath waiting for them to arrive as things move very slowly around here!  
04/04/2003 18:22:40   Mikko   It's a LHD and that's why I asked my question in this forum. For rally purposes I'll do everything within regulations to make gearbox stay in its place: if car jumps at 80 mph it would be very desirable still after touch down the gear to be in four.
That side support was also recommended (for LHD cars), when installing 90 hp kit to a V4.
Do you mean that you could deliver those parts to Finland? What should I do in return?  
04/04/2003 20:41:19   louis   Hey,
I am iterested in this, tell me more...
I vaguely heard of this bar on RHD cars, where exactly is this bar located?
06/04/2003 04:19:08   Bruce Beauvais   IT was bolted wher the gearbox/bellhousing split. It's basically a piece of angle iron. It goes up and uses a 3-cyl. torque mount at the inner fender/wheelhouse. I have one somewhere.It was list in the homologation papers for V-4's.  
06/04/2003 21:31:20   louis   Could any of you send me a photo of this part?  
07/04/2003 09:06:21   Alec   I will try and get time to take a picture tonight (7th) and post it into this message.

15/04/2003 08:53:03   Alec   Sorry for the delay - I have been sick for a few days.

Anyway, here is the picture...

16/04/2003 19:46:28   Mikko   I think I figured it out now: it says in the spare parts catalogue that in RHD cars one of the upper swinging arm bolts is different from the others. It has threads in both ends and the cone shaped part of the support is screwed to it. Am I right?  
16/04/2003 20:13:31   louis   You got me in a puzzle now I shall spend my Easter week end working this one out. At least the rod seems the same as the engine stabilizer rod...
Thanx for the pic Alec!  
16/04/2003 22:53:37   ian   The rod on the gearbox is much shorter than the one on the engine.  

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