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22/12/2005 17:06:15   Richard   I will be off line from now until the new year, so have a good un.  
22/12/2005 17:20:47   jean   thank you , to you too.
2006 will be a very good time .Indeed, I will have my 95 V4 on january 9th 2006 !!I m very very excited!!I m already looking for a name for it ....It is hussard blue , it s totally restored (shell & motor)but didn t take the road since 6 years ago .To be continued ...Merry Christmas to all of you  
22/12/2005 18:07:13   ian   yep a very happy and polluting 2 stroke xmas to all you smokers out there  
22/12/2005 19:43:56   chrisP   Best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year  
23/12/2005 08:53:20   Alec   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all - Thanks for all your continued support of my site.  
23/12/2005 10:54:40   Andrew   Happy Saabing in 2006 - and thanks for everyone's advice in my first year of 96 ownership.  
23/12/2005 12:59:25   James Ayres   This site is invaluable all year long not just at Christmas! Have a nice relaxing time over the holiday, and a fab saab new year...  
23/12/2005 13:07:46   Penny   Merry Christmas and a Great Saab driving year
from Penny  
23/12/2005 13:27:52   Julian   Thanks to everyone who has helped with spares and technical info. I feel more confident now to tackle my rusty 96 project. Merry Christmas to all.  
23/12/2005 18:00:02   john wyatt   Best Wishes to everyone, special best wishes to Alex for running the best site on the net, hope to put some faces to names in the new year.  
24/12/2005 09:44:43   Clive   Merry Christmas everyone  
24/12/2005 10:29:49   mark   merry xmas everyone,Ian f has delivered my soccerball alloys i won on ebay, in person i might add bloody nice bloke,and they are going on the newly painted red 96.happy new year.  
24/12/2005 17:29:25   Alistair   All the best from me to you all as well. Those of you in the Owners Club, thanks for your continued support also. The rest of you - JOIN!

My 96 has made it out of the garage 3 times in the last week, it's even made it round the block once, and will be coming out again shortly as I'm lending my roofbox (hanging above the 96) to a mate...any excuse to rouse the neighbourhood from its post-Xmas eve meal slumbers - the tailpipe dropped off a while back ;-)  
24/12/2005 21:24:51   David   Happy Christmas, everyone, and very best wishes for the next Saab year. With a bit of luck, 2006 will see some V4-happenings here - the 95 back on the road and, with even more luck and not a little persuasion of SWMBO, there may be a new arrival. She's 31 years old, bright yellow, has only two seats and a 1700 V4 - watch this space!!  
25/12/2005 02:07:06   John Wood (Woody)   Hearty greetings to all from Sherwood Forest. Here's to 2006 and another V4 hitting the road - not literally. Some of the post Christmas period will be spent in the garage putting the old 1531cc mill back together.
Go SWIFT - GO SAFE - GO SAAB. (always liked that one)  

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