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30/12/2005 18:30:13   Alex Norman   Is overheating a common problem for Saabs? In the half-year I've used my V4, it sits uncomfortably close to the maximum temperature once warmed up (the needle is above the N letter), and it takes relatively little provocation to overheat. I've replaced the radiator and expansion bottle caps, and checked the radiator...  
30/12/2005 21:44:23   tom   it could be a clogged radiator, when the car is warmed up, feel the top right hand side of the radiator, if this is fairly cool, ie u can keep ur hand on it, u need a recored radiator, my car was like this til i got the radiator redone and it now stays at normal temperature!  
31/12/2005 10:46:32   Alex Norman   Thanks for the reply. That had occured to us: when I said 'checked the radiator', I mean I picked up a 2nd-hand rad and fitted it, found the same problem, then removed that and had both tested by a professional radiator repair place which found that the original had a leak, but the next was fine. Then I put the second one back in. Including draining/refilling the system, I can now remove or refit a rad in 15 minutes, but the high temperature remains...  
31/12/2005 14:12:54   Alex   Overheating is not a common problem for Saabs. A V4 with a well functioning cooling system should only get problems in traffic jams with outside temperatures over 20 Celsius; that is at least my experience. Did you also check the water pump and the thermostat? A water pump is a pretty straight forward thing and as long as it is not jammed not too much can be wrong, but a sticking thermostat may cause problems. What exactly did the radiator repair shop test? Reading your story they pressure tested it, but is there any method they can test the cooling capacity that is left? I heard once that a radiator already starts loosing cooling capacity after a year's use, so if you replace one clogged-up rad with another it doesn't do too much for solving the problem. If the thermostat is in good working order I agree with Tom that a recore is quite likely the thing to have done. A standard V4 radiator isn't really (or maybe better said: really isn't) oversized with cooling capacity.  
31/12/2005 20:13:21   David   All this talk of re-coring reminds me that it's something I probably need to have done for my V4(s). Can anyone recommend a good UK radiator company, please?  
02/01/2006 00:58:16   tom   i used desert radiators in widnes, since i live in runcorn nearby and my dad has used they before. they are very helpful, a recore of a standard rad cost 69 pounds they even rebuilt a mounting and repaired the end tanks for that! it does depend where u live tho, hopefully u can find someone good close to u!  
02/01/2006 01:08:28   Alistair   Have you changed the thermostat? It could be sticking, and not opening properly/fully.

Otherwise check hoses to/from the pump for integrity of the rubber - when they get old & soft the one on the suction side can collapse, restricting the flow.  
02/01/2006 16:04:17   Trevor   David I don't know which part of the country you are in, but I have used small radiator company at Forge garage,Frittenden, Kent.  
02/01/2006 18:45:46   Alex Norman   Another idea to run by you folks: could these be symptoms of head gasket problems? The water level drops a bit after a long trip, and we can't see any sign of a leak.  
02/01/2006 18:48:42   Alex Norman   btw - you could well be right regarding the thermostat, I must check it. It definitely works (3/4 minutes into a journey, the temperature gauge drops suddenly as it opens), but how well I don't know!  
02/01/2006 22:01:09   David   Tom: I occasionally make business trips to Runcorn so that company sounds useful - do you have their address & phone no? I suppose I could always look them up on  
02/01/2006 22:22:13   tom   will find it for u, i have it written down somewhere!  
02/01/2006 22:27:18   tom   found the address and phone number, much quicker than i thought i would!

Desert Radiator Services
Whitfield & Brown Business Centre
Waterloo Road
0151 4205050

hope that helps  
03/01/2006 03:13:03   Alistair   I guess it's feasible that it could be a head gasket issue, easy to test - ask a garage to run a combustion gas test on the coolant. If it is blowing hot exhaust gases into the coolant, this will pick it up.

Try the simple stuff like the 'stat first though...  
03/01/2006 17:15:21   Richard   They tend to pressurise the expansion bottle if its head gasket related. If you are not loosing water from the pump or a hose and you keep on having to fill the rad up, it is most likely the head gasket.  
05/01/2006 08:28:39   jake   make sure you don,t have spot lamps clutering thegrille apature these will restrict the air flow through the the rad i got and fitted a electric fan from a cavalier turbo diesil and fitted it between the engine and rad e.mail for details, jake  

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