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30/12/2005 21:42:03   tom   Hi everyone, hope u all had good christmas's! anyway i am considering putting a ford zetec in to my saab, i have read the pervious thread about the possibility of doing it but i am wondering does anyone know how difficult it is? does the saab gearbox bolt straight on? and does the input shaft match the clutch of the zetec or will it need modifiying? i have read into the whole conversion process and the main prob will be getting the gearbox attached, if i need an adapter plate it will make the engine too long to fit easily! so does anyone know of someone whos done it? would be really helpful!

many thanks tom  
31/12/2005 09:30:06   Rens   difficult... the sierra engine probably won't bolt on because of the starter engine (just take a look at the back of the engine), i've looked at a lot of engines and didn't started the project....

i've also thought of a adapter plate... but je don't have the space in the engine bay to do that, so you would have to take the front of the gearbox off and weld your own on..

02/01/2006 11:08:27   tom   are we talking about the same engine? i didn;t know the zetec was in the sierra, i thought it was only in the mondeo and later etc. however i am not sure how the cars are badged in other countries. the starter motor can be solved on the zetec, one from a ford CVH engine will bolt straight on or a pinto one with a 14mm spacer. the water pump will also need changing as otherwise it will run backwards. I have got this info from an article i found, can try scanning it if anyone is interested. It is useful in a general way but i want to know if u can attach the saab gearbox straight one without too much fiddling. guess i will have to find out the hard way!  
03/01/2006 17:11:24   Richard   I think we decided Ford had changed the bolt spacings slightly. A modified bell housing might be a way forward.
If you go down that route keep us informed, I am sure you can get one in, but it might be a bit of an engineering project.  
03/01/2006 17:36:28   Rens   if your gonna do that, you might want to consider an new gearbox with a normal gearlever in the middel of the car... this is doable... the advantage is that a normal saab gearbox is limited to about 130 bhp (i believe that is what richard said once)...

Than you can work with wheel spacers or something to get the right wheels on... I thought about this because i wanted other wheels (porsche cup's i've got lying around) and you've got the make some speciale adapter plates wich also widens the wheelspace...

Sorry bout the English... don't know al the car terms yet..  
03/01/2006 20:13:08   john wyatt   I would be very interested to hear how it goes trying to fit a Zetec as they are cheap, available and tunable, I think changing the box takes you into another realm altogether, good luck however you do it.  
04/01/2006 18:39:49   tom   a modified bellhousing is possible, there is an article in practical performance car showing how to do one, it was mating an tranverse alfa v6 to a ford type 9 gearbox! i would put a better gear box in, but i like the steering column gear change and freewheel of the saab, plus all those spacers sound a bit of a bodge and i kinda wanted the zetec to be done on a budget, putting another gearbox in would make it alot more expensive! does anyone have a picture of a saab gearbox? ie its bolt spacing? and the back of zetec bolt spacing would be ideal too! does anyone know how many splines are on the input shaft of the saab gearbox? 130 bhp sounds good to me anyway,much more than that i would have to seriously uprate suspension and brakes! many thanks!  
06/01/2006 21:29:36   Alex   Get real guys, a proper straight four will stick out a mile from under the bonnet. A V6 just fits in with relocating the radiator but anything with more cylinders in a row gets too long, unless you use a tiny engine with Mickey Mouse engine displacement. Not too mention the understear; the end result will be something like a reversed Porsche 911 (old style that is, the models that needed lead in the front bumper to keep it a bit driveable). The struggle for going 'round the bend will be endless. If you want to go crazy drop in a 99-900 engine and gearbox; also a lot of work but at least not all of the engine weight will be in front of the wheels and you have a gearbox that matches.  
07/01/2006 01:04:43   tom   i guess it depends on what u call a proper straight four, but i am pretty sure u could get a zetec in there. its only 2 inches or so longer after all. The main hurdle is fitting it to the gearbox. another plus is the zetec is lighter so the understeer should be reduced not increased. as far as i can see anyway. feel free to correct me!  
07/01/2006 13:39:19   Rens   Tom, your right, as said in the first post about the zetec engine it's lighter and only a bit longer.

and there are various way's to make the front a bit lighter, like the batterey in the back, radiator in the back of the engine bay...  
09/01/2006 07:52:14   Richard   An all alloy 4 cylinder is not that much longer than a v6. The weight of such a engine is lighter than a V4 not V6. Both these engines are noted for being a brick. Why do I know this because I have measured several engines. A small displacement engine will produce more power than the V4. My 1970's Skoda produces 120bhp at 1300cc my Saab produces 147bhp at 1815cc, result the Skoda is nearly as quick on stage times. The V4 is a dog for power.
I have had no such problems with a 911 (my friend has one) they require a rear engined driving style than most people in there day did not have, I personally like the early short wheel base cars. I like rear engine cars having owned several and they dont understeer due to having weight at the back, most have been very well balanced with a leaning to oversteer into corners, then you push the car with the power on all the way through the corner until you get to feel a little understeer on the exit.  
14/01/2006 14:57:28   tom   just thought i would tell u all, i have just got hold of a zetec over ebay, it looks pretty good and should fit in ok! unfortunaltly i can't do any work until easter! being at uni swamped with revision doesn't allow me to work on the saab until the holidays!  

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