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04/01/2006 20:26:40   tom   hi, i need a new flasher unit for my 96 pronto. have looked on ebay and have found 3 pronged ones that will work but won't allo me to have a flashing light on dashbord. has anyone a spare one they could send me or knows of a source?

many thanks

04/01/2006 23:08:22   James Ayres   What do you mean by flasher unit?  
05/01/2006 00:08:04   tom   its the relay that regulates the indicators i think that is the technical name tho i could be wrong.  
05/01/2006 07:46:25   Richard   Try a local motor factors, usually if they are three pronged they operate a dash light. Otherwise take the cap off yours, it might just want the contacts cleaning.  
06/01/2006 17:19:35   James Ayres   Right, the relay. I once had a citroen and replaced the relay with one from a mini! It worked fine except the indicators flashed quicker. I got it from a scrap yard, for nothing so it was worth trying. If you can't get the right unit this may be a cost effective method as I wasn't worried if it worked or not!  
06/01/2006 17:45:06   tom   i got a universal one from a factors as richard suggested, it works fine but unlike james, the speed of flashing is slower. cheers everyone
20/02/2006 21:37:06   John Hansen   I have one from my 72 96

yours for a fiver inc. post  

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