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04/01/2006 23:49:33   Julian   Can anyone recommend a suitable electronic ignition kit for the 96 please? Has anyone fitted one? if so, were there any notable improvements to starting, performance and economy?  
05/01/2006 00:15:32   Alistair   Lots of people using one. Aldon seems to be popular these days, I've used Lumenition years ago. Try Highgate, or a generic place like Demon Tweeks (

If you search for "Electronic Ignition" on this forum, I'm pretty sure there is some good detailed info from a year or two back...  
05/01/2006 09:04:57   Derek   Click on "Articles" for Aldon(Pertronix) fitting info.  
05/01/2006 10:18:40   Senor Burt   Worth fitting for reliability. You don't have to worry about points and condensor any more. If the distributor cam is worn (which they often are) it will also improve running and starting.  
06/01/2006 17:12:10   James Ayres   Also a doddle to fit (I got mine from Highgate)and it really can be fitted in your lunch time! The only problem I encounted was that it was a 'very' snug fit. Also once on, the timing needs to be adjusted - no matter how careful you are!  
06/01/2006 20:18:06   Julian   Thanks. Looks like I will go for the pertronix unit.  
06/01/2006 21:13:06   Alex   Check Ebay USA or go to Chip Lamb; he sells Pertronixes with a blue Bosch coil for $ 129,-. Even with postage it may be cheaper than buying it locally. Ask him to state a customs value below the maximum tax-free value; saves you paying import tax.  

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