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05/01/2006 14:46:58   jean   hello, I just wonder what kind of system audio IM going to install in my 95 ? Where will I install the radio and the speakers?
Do you have any suggestions please ? Thanx  
05/01/2006 15:36:51   Senor Burt   I used to hang my radio off the bottom of the centre of the dash (not all that secure though!). I took out the bins on the wheelwells and replaced them with wedge speakers. I never fancied cutting holes in the doorcards.
The recommended place for a radio is in the glove box I believe.  
05/01/2006 19:12:39   jean   ok thank you i don t understand everything (francais) but i will try .I undrestand that no holes in the doors and i agree , others ideas?  
06/01/2006 08:20:11   jake   radio console were available for 96/95 so it would be worth looking for one on the web don,t just put the radio anywhere from a safty point of view  
06/01/2006 09:03:31   john   If you look hard maybe on ebay or put an ad on other forums you should find the correct mounting console which mounts underneath the fresh air blower into the original screw holes.  
06/01/2006 17:04:39   Andrew   Still waiting for my lovely 1972 PYE radio to be fitted. Was hoping to attach it by small metal brackets beneath the dash on the right of the steering wheel (by the door, so on the left if yours is a left hand drive). I saw a gove box adapter plate on ebay a while ago but I didn't want to lose the storage space.  
06/01/2006 17:15:51   James Ayres   My radio is also on the right hand side of the steering wheel, left hand side on a left hand drive sounds correct. Mine is rock solid as it's held on with a shaped metal bracket. It looks like a home made job though.  
06/01/2006 22:53:01   Alistair   I always liked the radio on RHS of steering column, under headlamp & heater fan switches. I used to sling speakers under the front seats, those old wedge type are good for that, an/or in parcel shelf. If you want to do a thorough job you can even screw them to the floor under the seats ;-)  
08/01/2006 15:05:52   ian   radio....speakers...surround sound...just open the window and listen to that lovely two-stroke sound.....heaven in stereo....  
08/01/2006 19:50:14   Alistair   You're forgetting you're on the V4 site Ian...need radio to mask whining gearbox and rattly exhaust baffles ;-)  
09/01/2006 19:25:22   jean francois   Thank you to you all (i had no connexion anymore on my PC during this week end) I will see what is the best solution but you ve given some good Ideas  

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