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06/01/2006 14:01:52   Vipul Dave   This is a first for me, I have only owned a few 900 Turbo's in the past when at University which were great. The 96 stands alone, apart from the parts issue and the fact its taken me 2 weeks to get it through an MOT plus my balance shaft gear loosing its teeth Its a fantastic car. I cannot believe these cars are not more popular. I have read many of the posts on this site and they have helped a great deal with getting my car on the road. I have a new carpet set going in next week but still need to get the seat recovered (may change then for 900 seats). I have a question regarding side drivers and pasenger window rumbber seals and side back passenger window seals, mine have shrunk by about 2cm and I needed to know where I can purchase them from ?

06/01/2006 17:01:29   Andrew   You could try Rolf's spares (link in parts suppliers). He's in Sweden but has lots of rubber seals and shipping won't be expensive. My 96 is having its timing gear replaced at the end of the month too - but I bet it's the original so it's lasted 33 years - can't complain I guess. Where did you get your carpets from?
Welcome to V4 world. Can't wait for mine to be back on the road.  
06/01/2006 21:32:34   Alex   Do your engine a favour and buy metal gear wheels; Rolf has these for sale too. Don't forget to replace the balance shaft bearings.  
06/01/2006 21:57:30   Andrew   Is it worth putting the steel gears on a standard car? Highgate are going to do the work on mine and said the steel gears would make more noise so I was thinking I'd stick with the fibre ones. There's a significant cost difference but I'd rather get this right first time round.  
06/01/2006 22:52:02   John Wood (Woody)   I am beginning to wonder if I was lucky with my rally engine. I used to rev to 7500 1st to 3rd and 7000 in 4th gear. I had standard timing gears. When I wanted to put the steel balance shaft gear in they were unavailable. But why change all three when the balance shaft gear only is needed. I have not come across anyone who has stripped the teeth on the camshaft gear. Surely there must be some steel gears out there, weren't they standard on the Taunus 2Lt engine?  
06/01/2006 22:59:24   Alex   You are already driving a noisy car so why bother?:). But seriously now, what is the price difference? Funny thing about this is that the Duch Saab Club offer steel gears for a lower price than fiber ones; 125,- vs 150,-. Maybe a bit noisier, but safe for life.  
06/01/2006 23:04:25   Alistair   If you can get a decent fibre gear at low cost, and your balance shaft bearings are OK then stick with it. Steel isn't much more noisy though.

They strip when the bearings allow too much play in the shaft, or through over-revving - I think you were very lucky John.

Our "rally car" with mildly tweaked 1500 had steel balance shaft gear but fibre cam gear. Revved to 6500 no problem, needed stronger valve springs & hairier cam than SAH to go beyond though!  
07/01/2006 01:08:54   John Wood (Woody)   That WAS with SAH cam and rally valve springs.  
07/01/2006 20:09:24   Alistair   Not being funny John, was your tacho accurate? Our car wouldn't go beyond 6500, even with a solex twin choke. The tacho in the car when we bought it used to over-read and would say c. 7000+ but when I worked it out from roadspeed in gear, it was way OTT. 45mph in 2nd on std box, about 75mph in 3rd. I swapped it for a good Smiths tacho from another car and that was more realistic!  
07/01/2006 23:10:45   john wyatt   I have steel gear and they are pretty noisy when standing in front of the car but not bad inside, depends on how much that sort of thing worries you, I also have good secondhand fibre timing gear if anyone is looking  
08/01/2006 04:03:53   John Wood (Woody)   I don't believe there was any inaccuracy. Have to check this on new car. I used a small Yazaki mounted on the steering column, as the car was 1969 model with grey dash and small instruments. Red car has the larger Yazaki as used by Comp Dept. on 1970+ cars. Some years ago after rewiring the larger Yazaki mounted the two Yazakis and an Equus analyser with tacho facility and all three had identical readings. The rally engine had lightened flywheel SAH cam and with the C&T manifold+ twin 40DCOEs seemed to rev quite freely. Allowing for speedo inaccuracy due to Spec2/6:35 transmission, road speed to revs seemed about right. There were a lot of variables. 13.2MPH per 1000rpm on 165/15 tyres. I cannot remember what the 0-60mph time was. Anyone else tested this?  
08/01/2006 04:07:47   John Wood (Woody)   Enlarged intake ports and Works rally exhaust also helped with the breathing.  
08/01/2006 19:59:23   Alistair   Ah - John, of course, you had the induction & porting to get it up there. Still amazed the SAH cam would take it that far mind, maybe it was just the carb and porting limiting ours? The head was skimmed but not ported, with 2" exhaust & the exh flanges opened up to match. We mostly ran it with 28/36 on the road, but we did try the oval top Solex off a Taunus 17M motor we had previously for a short while (very thirsty!).

Anyhow, yes I think you were lucky, in theory they are iffy above 6300. That said, I remember Rich saying that the engine in his green car had a fibre gear as when Andrew Street had it built, he decided it would cause less damage if the balance shaft cog went before the cam gear, and I've been in his car pulling nearly 7 grand with twin 45s and I think a 7.6 cam (no doubt Rich will correct me if I'm wrong on that).  
08/01/2006 20:32:56   John Wood (Woody)   My last road V4 was ex Richard Burdon, 1730cc with SAH cam, enlarged ports, Rally Valve springs but standard valves/gear, SAH exhaust and 28/36 weber on SAH adaptor to standard inlet manifold. Intake ports might have been enlarged as well. Comp clutch and standard transmission. It too revved quite well and once had the speedo to the stop pin on the M1. It had a dash Yazaki and I cannot remember what it revved to.  
08/01/2006 20:37:33   John Wood (Woody)   Hey Alistair, have you any photos of your old rally car? Be interesting to see it.  
08/01/2006 21:38:29   Vipul Dave   Andrew the carpets have been ordered and I will be cutting and installing them myself as they are very stright forward. Thanks for the info in the rubbers I will give him a go. The issue on the balance shaft gear I have replaced with another fibre unit but my long term aim is to build a another engine soon with all the trimings. Again thank you all for your fantastic feedback
08/01/2006 23:22:09   john wyatt   I would like to get together for a big burn off at a track or something and see what they all really go like no doubt this will never happen due to logistics but here is hoping one day we can get a few tuned 96's together for some fun.  
09/01/2006 08:01:11   Richard   I can sort the trackday thing out, but only if people would turn up. It would be at Rally drive at Blyton near Gainsbrough (come on John, Collin and Craig came down from Wormit) and it would have to be probably late summer. I was going to try to get the SOC motorsport guys all together for a end of year fun bash there. I think it will be about 45 for the full day.  
09/01/2006 13:31:18   Rens   45 pound isn't that much for a day of fun.. would be doable for those with a car on the main land...

would be a good incentive to have the car ready...  
09/01/2006 16:11:26   john wyatt   Where is Gainsborough?, I would be very keen to come along to something like this, family illness stopped me going to the one in May 2004, if enough interest it would be really good  
09/01/2006 16:54:25   Richard   If you look on a map and find Worksop, then go up the A1 for about 8-10 miles and cast your eye to the east. Its on a river as you go into linconshire.
Rens its not that far from the East coast, Hull and Goole.
Ok I will Email Dave and we will see if we can arrange something. The track is small an is more like a single venue tarmac stage, but its cheap and the corners are well layed out, plus long straights are boring and you need very good brakes at the end of them!  

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