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08/04/2003 12:02:45   Oscar Tellechea   I wish to instal a twin choke carb (Solex)+ correspondent inlet manifold in a 1971 V4. Where can I get the correct manifold gasket? Can anyone help? Thank's  
08/04/2003 20:57:06   jake   hi oscar where did you get this solex tiwn in choke and manifold what make of engine is from was it fitted to a saab v4 you will have to give us a clue cos i want one to was it from an american 1700v4? lets solve the mistery  
08/04/2003 22:37:42   ian   Oscar,
I think you will find that the twin choke carb uses the same inlet manifold gasket as on a standard V4 engine. The gaskets are readily obtained by most engine rebuilders. If you get stuck, try Highgate Saabpart

The carb and inlet mainfold could easily have come from a Saab as they were fitted as standard to the very late V4 models in Europe. The Saab S&R catalogue mentions Solex twin-choke carbs as a part in several of the tuning kits. As for the Yanks, I think that their 1700 engines were fitted with single barrel carbs as standard....but a twin choke tuning kit was available. It's quite possible that the manifold and carb started life on a 1700 V4 Capri or Taunus.
08/04/2003 22:53:45   ian   Jake,
If you're UK-based, try Ian Studley on the south coast (somewhere like Hastings or Eastbourne), as he's usually got a couple to sell. They're not particularly cheap!
14/04/2003 14:24:07   Steve H   Do you mean the carb gasket or main maniford to head gasket? If its the carb then just get a sheet of gasket paper and make your own. My twin choke has been running for years like this with out a hitch. If its the head to maniford, is this any different than the normal one?

Steve H  
16/04/2003 20:10:18   louis   No the gaskets are the same for single choke and dual choke carbs, but if you have enlarged inlet ports you need special gasket!  

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