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06/01/2006 18:08:56   tom   hi again, i took my 96 out for the first time today, on a run to the mot garage! didn't quite make it as it was pulling to the left and the steering felt vague and was binding. this sounds like a joint on the rack somewhere etc so an overhaul of the rack is what i plan, does this sound right? or could it be something else? i notice there is a rack on ebay, would it be easier to change it or to recondition it my self? hope thats not too confusing!  
06/01/2006 19:53:25   Julian   Tom, There is a recon steering rack on ebay at the moment complete with gaiters. Last time I looke it was at 25. Julian  
08/01/2006 15:39:43     I think I read somewhere (Practical Classics?) that a MGB rack is exactly the same as ours. Must be quite a few lurking around on your side of the channel !  
08/01/2006 17:30:42   John Wood (Woody)   V4 racks are generally quite robust and last forever if kept greased correctly. jack both wheels off the floor and rotate steering wheel fully to right and pump in chassis grease. Don't overfill. Check for condition of the bellows so there no splits. Check tie rod ends for splits and whether there is any play. Check also that the tie rods are equal length on the tie rods. Find centre of steering path and the wheel should be correctly aligned. 2.7 turns from left to right on 1969+ vehicles. 2.4 turns on earlier cars. You should be able to turn the wheel with one finger, with both wheels off and there should not be any tight spots. You could also push the bellows back to check that the tie rods are straight. Check that your rack has a problem before buying another. You can't always be certain that the replacement is ok. Better to fix yours.  

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