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09/01/2006 16:30:53   Trevor   Looking for some rear shocks for 1974 96 , do they have easily obtained equivalents from any other cars, or do you have any recommendations for a good reliable parts supplier !!  
09/01/2006 16:48:01   Richard   How much do you want to spend? I think one of the viva's had a similar size. But it was probably a weird van version or something. You could measure the open and closed length (closed is the most important) and contact someone that deals in old stock dampers. To be honest I would buy some AVO adjustables and set them as close to the originals (the company is called chassis dynamics for AVO dampers).  
11/01/2006 23:46:57   Julian   Trevor. Found these on

AVO AV-TC391 AVO Rear Shock Absorbers 95 ; 96 ; 96V4 60>79 52.88 47.59

SPAX Suspension SPX-G323 Spax Adjustable Shocks - Rear 96; 850 Sport; Sonnett I, II & III; 60>79 0.00 53.99
12/01/2006 16:48:41   Trevor   thanks for that , mine did finally arrive after 4 weeks from the saab supplier who's add is not a million miles away!!! But i shall book mark the site you mention. Getting a step closer to being on the road this spring!!!  
12/01/2006 18:34:12   Alistair   I have one (unfortunately!) genuine Saab NOS 96 rear shocker, still boxed, if anyone can find or has a partner for it, you're welcome to this one for the price of a few jars.  
12/01/2006 20:19:01   julian   F.Y.I. This site also stocks brake pads, discs, shoes, hoses, and jetex exhausts etc for the 96.
Handy to know.  
13/01/2006 09:01:50   john   Any decent motor factor in the UK should be easily able to supply shocks, brake pads, shoes, brake hoses, etc. for a 95 or 96, I have found euro car parts particularly cheap for shocks in the past(less than 15 each).

13/01/2006 12:24:28   Richard   Maybe if I remove a wheel, I will take up your off Al.  
15/01/2006 14:30:59   David   Rear (lever arm) shocks for the 95 estate are becoming very difficult to find. I have managed to get a new nearside (left) one - if anyone has a new or reconditioned offside (right) one I could be interested - folding beer vouchers ready in hand!  
15/01/2006 20:38:38   Trevor   lever arm shocks are readily available for lots of other classics e.g. Triumph, at Moss spare parts ,I don't know if these are the same they may be!  

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