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09/01/2006 22:46:05   Senor Burrt   BBC1 9PM tonight. Copper in knocked unconscious and wakes up in 1973. One of the first cars to be seen was a 96 V4 in that ochre sort of orangey brown colour. Does it belong to anyone we know?  
10/01/2006 11:55:50   Julian   I just missed it. That was the main reason I wanted to see it. It was still quite good though.  
12/01/2006 18:25:46   Alistair   If someone has it on video and can get me the reg number I'll try & trace it...  
17/01/2006 17:38:14   Andrew   Since found out this is filmed in my home town (sunny Stockport) so seriously beginning to wonder if it actually was the Beige Beast! Cheque please  

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