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10/01/2006 23:39:33   julian   I have always admired the quirky 96,and was offered a rough green car 20 years ago, but declined because it was a rust bucket. Now after all that time I have just bought 2 cars. My first 96's. A 73 and a very late 76 (bonnet stay, rubber fenders and heated seats etc). The 73 is first for the resto' and I hope to have it on the road by early summer. I cant wait!! Your site is fantastic, Everyone is so helpful and informative. I will take pics and post them on the site over the coming months. Thanks.  
11/01/2006 07:33:25   Richard   Get the photo's posted. It may not be a flashy site, but its got to be one of the best for information and sharing the v4 ownership experience.  
11/01/2006 09:09:30   jake   greetings julian welcome to v4 ownership anything for v4 this the site let us see the photo anyway all the best jake  
11/01/2006 16:10:13   jean   you re lucky !! congretulations and have good times with your cars!  

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