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13/01/2006 22:56:27   julian   Can anyone please tell me which make and type of radios were fitted into the 96 in 73 and 76? And also whether the glove box mounting kits are available anywhere? There are loads of nice 70s radios on ebay (classic 5 button motorola etc)but cant find anything on the net about original SAAB radios for the 96.  
13/01/2006 23:24:00   John Wood (Woody)   In the UK radios were an optional extra. RHD dashoards did not have the radio facility like the LHD version. Generally they were located under the dashboard on the drivers side below the light switch. My 1969 V4-DeLuxe was supplied with a Motorola and a roof arial installed by the dealer. There were several makes available at the time - Phillips, Radiomobile, Blaupunkt. LW & MW were the choices of station bands. I don't know when FM car radios became available.  
13/01/2006 23:39:37   julian   Thanks for the info' John. Looks like I will opt for the classic Motorola, under-dash style. Loads of space there without causing an obstruction.  

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