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14/01/2006 12:50:38   Julian   I am considering fitting slightly wider mag style wheels (6.5") to my 96 (1976). Will I have to fit new 5 stud hubs to do this? If so, does anyone know which hubs will fit?  
14/01/2006 16:17:13   Senor Burt   Have you not got 5-bolt hubs already? the pattern is unique to SAAB so your choice of wheels is severely limited (and probably expensive). Monte Carlo/Sport 2-stroke 96's had 4-bolt hubs that you can get 99 on, but the hubs are really rare.

Once you go over 185 on the tyre width, you have trouble fitting them under the rear arches.

Apparently some Ford Escort hubs can be made to fit, but I don't know the details.  
14/01/2006 21:09:23   julian   Ooops! I meant fitting more common 4 hole hubs. My mistake. I have seen a few 96s on the web with wider alloys. They must be on Ford hubs then. Thanks Senor.  
14/01/2006 23:07:36   Senor Burrt   More likely to be Sport hubs, I've only ever seen one with Ford hubs.  

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