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15/01/2006 12:10:09   Stephen Paul Graham   I have compted in the RAC Rally in a modern car for the last two year, but this year I want to do it in a "iconic" period car. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a rally-prepared Sabb 96 V4?  
15/01/2006 14:25:47   David   There are one or two about, I think. Keep an eye on eBay, the Saab Owners Club site, the Saab Enthusiasts Club site and the UKSaabs forum, to mention a few in no particular order.  
15/01/2006 17:33:52   john wyatt   The thread referred to above may refer to a works car used by Per Eklund it may be for sale asking price is in excess of 16000 euros, cheap if you ask me, may be to good to use for rallying though?  
15/01/2006 17:56:49   John Wood (Woody)   PA57006 was used by Pekka on 1972 Swedisk KAK Rally, running with No 5 on door. Stig drove '07 and won. Carl Orrenius had '05. A pic of Pekka in '06 was printed with one of Carl crouching in front of a 1969 model V4 wearing his Polarmate Rally jacket and MACH helmet.
Looked at link, this car looks spot-on; Battery in boot, brake booster tank in place of battery in engine bay. Appears to have been retro-fitted with dual port heads. Cockpit has grab handle, correct bracket for rev.counter and Recaro Ideal seats. The halda on the dash might be add-on as originally it would have had a Gemini tripmeter. Roll Cage looks right and has leatherette cover on. They stopped using back seat in 1973. Helmets were rested on shaped tubular frames. SEE SS&R catalogue. With seat removed the seat bulk head was blockef with timber and covered in leatherette/vinyl. The helmet holder which originally slotted over the top of rear seat was secured to wood board.
I would have thought there was interest in this country but at what price? 20,000 +. And would you compete in it?  
15/01/2006 17:58:13   John Wood (Woody)   The photos were printed in 1972 RAC Rally programme. Missed that bit.  
15/01/2006 18:00:13   John Wood (Woody)   Yes that is cheap at 16000 Euros.  
15/01/2006 20:34:41   Trevor   I presume you are interested in stage rallying ? I am currently preparing a 96 for road rally's which is much cheaper!!!
I would recommend looking at the HRCR ( historic rally car register) as their site has loads of good info . Should you join you could post a wanted add.
The SOC mag/web site also has a good historic motor sport section.  
17/01/2006 07:45:28   Richard   I carnt think of any for sale at the moment.  
17/01/2006 14:37:44   Rens   Woody.... 16000 isn't cheap... it isn't expensive for what you get... but i wouldn't call it cheap :)

Toiletpaper is cheap :) saab's are quite expensive i found out myself! (on a student budget)  
17/01/2006 19:59:52   John Wood (Woody)   Works spec. cars have tended to be undervalued. Ex-works cars tended to be sold to Swedish owners as the Company was heavily taxed if they were sold outside Sweden. I investigated this in 1975, and Bo Hellberg was reluctant to sell me a car, though I had the choice of ordering one to be built. Then they took a complete production vehicle off the assembly line and prepared it for rallying. You would get the rally car and all the production parts that were removed.
Back in 1973, the Birmingham Post Saab V4 as campaigned by John Bloxham, was sold for around 3000. In 1976, Alistair Robertson's Orange V4 was sold for 4400. When you see what rally cars cost now, and equate the price in 1973 to now you are talking of the price of a three bed semi-detached house 65,000-70,000. So you might see why I feel the car is under-valued.
I saw Alistair's car in May 1975, he having taken delivery of it at Trollhattan ready for the Swedish Rally in February. The car was immaculate, have several photos of it. Saab were renowned for their build quality then and the Competitions Dept. were even better.
Of course all depends on the vehicle's provenance / heritage being 100% genuine.  
18/01/2006 07:41:36   Richard   When you compair it to a mini cooper that is rally prep'd its cheap!
Although I can buy an ex-factory Skoda 130 in its original shell, totally correct in every way for 3500, now thats cheap!  

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