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17/01/2006 15:46:55   Richard G   I've just noticed a water leak coming from what appears to be the bottom of the water pump beneath the alternator. I cannot see very easily because of the position and I was just wandering if this is a known problem before I start to take bits off to have a proper look. Any ideas? thanks. With the engine running there are a few drips/second and it seems to be getting worse.1974 96V4. Are new/recon pumps still available? Is it more likley to be a seal or pipe?  
17/01/2006 16:08:55   Senor Burt   It's a known problem. I think water pump replacement will be called for, although it may only be the pipe. Water pump replacement is a bit of a pain with the engine in though without taking off the front engine cover.

New pumps are still available as far as I know.  
17/01/2006 17:36:22   Andrew   Think Highgate still stocks them although I recently bought one on our favourite auction site for next to nothing. Garage cursed me for the job as they didn't know about the front off trick  
18/01/2006 07:44:35   Richard   I would say limit your use of the car until you change the pump. Next thing to go will be the head gasket if you start to loose alot of water.  
18/01/2006 11:57:36   Richard G   Thanks everyone. I'll try and get it sorted as soon as possible. Will let you know the outcome.  

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