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20/01/2006 16:29:43   cassie   Hi thanks for the past tips - car still cutting out - first thing starts ok, then goes ok - if you take your foot off gas she dies usually in busy traffic. have changed plugs & leads.thanks  
20/01/2006 16:42:50   paul   what carb have you got?  
20/01/2006 23:43:58   Senor Burrt   Replace disi cap, rotor arm, points and condensor. Check timing, fuel mixture and set idle speed correctly. Check float level on carb.

Does it still cut out?  
21/01/2006 10:19:25   chrisP   If your carb is a weber 34ICH I have found it very prone to getting muck in the slow running jet the one that screws in the side of the carb so it's easy to get to.also the points gap can up set tick over if not right.  

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