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21/01/2006 08:19:50   Drew Bedelph   Hi folks,

A friend of mine's been clearing his garage and uncovered two new Saab windscreen seals, part number 715 2994. Problem is, I don't have any idea what model they fit - although similar size to the 95/96 front screen seals, they are somewhat smaller. 92 or 93 model, perhaps????

Any further info greatly appreciated.

Cheers from Oz!


21/01/2006 15:24:06   John Wood (Woody)   7152994 is the front windscreen rubber seal for 95 or 96 up to chassis 458.526. which would make it be for a small windreeen model up to 1967.  
21/01/2006 15:34:53   John Wood (Woody)   For 1968-1971 larger screen V4s the part no is 7329204- this rubber has a slit all round for insertion of aluminium "T" shaped seal strip. For V4 upto 1975 the no is 7378532- this rubber strip has a 4-5mm channel all way round for insertion of chromised plastic strip. There was a further seal for 1975 cars p/n 7392798 from 96752060700 but I have not seen what the difference is with it.  
22/01/2006 11:24:54   Drew Bedelph   John,

many thanks for the info! Because my mate's car and mine are both later model 95/96's, they're not of much use to either of us. I've already had a few private offers, so have decided to list them on eBay. That way everyone else sets the price instead of me having to name one! It'll be interesting to see what happens with them.



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