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22/01/2006 06:16:12   Gary   Hi all... I wish to know the sound level of the Jetex exhaust compared to the stock.I Is it a low mellow "oozing sound or a harsh raw sound? I do not wish for a very noisy exhaust, and it is very difficult to buy an OEM system here in the states. One of the facts I do not care for of the Jetex is the huge boy racer chrome tailpipe end.

Thanks for any help  
22/01/2006 12:36:33   Senor Burt   They're pretty mellow sounding and a vast improvement on the very restricted standard system.  
22/01/2006 17:33:12   Alistair   Buy the Jetex, you won't be disappointed in noise or performance, but be aware that some of the rubber mounts that come with it are not brilliant and can cause them to resonate a little around 70mph. Ian Meakin in the UK used some off a Renault Clio (which I doubt is sold in the US). You might want to shop around at your local exhaust supplier when you get the Jetex to find some stronger rubbers.  
22/01/2006 21:41:14   Alex   I think you may be off cheaper if you buy a Simons exhaust; the Jetex is a mere copy of that and is probably more expensive. Either buy it from Rolf of the Swedish Saabclub or go to and put your question on the 92-96 bb. Quite likely you'll get info where to buy a Simons in the state or something equivalent (MSS for instance).  
23/01/2006 16:37:24   Alistair   I actually thought the Jetex was a Simons system under Jetex branding...  
23/01/2006 19:45:57   john wyatt   I also think the Jetex and Simons are actually the same exhaust, as for noise the Simons or Jetex may be a bit noisier than standard but is a very nice note not a raw sound at all, my Simons has lasted well but I have heard of them rusting through within 2 years.  
24/01/2006 01:40:53   Gary   thank you for the help...going to order one..thanks again!  

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